Before getting started with Pathmonk's Micro-Experiences many marketers wonder if they should prepare additional content to be ready for their Micro-Experience setup.

In most cases the answer is simply: No. There is no need to prepare any extra content. By simply filling out Pathmonk's onboarding form Pathmonk will have all the information it needs to prepare your Micro-Experiences.

Onboarding Process

Pathmonk's onboarding process is quick & easy:

  1. Fill out Pathmonk's onboarding form
  2. Let Pathmonk's Concierge Setup Service prepare all your Micro-Experiences
  3. Review, edit & approve your Micro-Experiences
  4. Go Live

Onboarding Form

Upon confirmation of your start with Pathmonk you will receive a link to your onboarding form. With this onboarding form Pathmonk will get to know your business such as your value proposition, ways to get started, ROI, testimonials etc. 

Filling out the onboarding for is the base of your Micro-Experience setup and takes approx 15-20 min.

Required Content For Onboarding Form

If you want to be prepared best for folling out your onboarding form please have the following content on hand:  

  1. Link to a 20-60 sec introduction video (see requirements here)
  2. A written customer testimonial
  3. A set of frequently asked questions (5-10 questions)
  4. Optional: A sales deck PDF
  5. Optional: A marketing PDF one-pager

Concierge Setup Service

Upon your submission of the onboarding form Pathmonk prepares all your Micro-Experiences for you. So you can speed up your go-live with this concierge setup of your entire Pathmonk Results account. You will get get your Pathmonk Results setup in your custom fonts & colours to exactly represent your brand. Of course you can always edit & change all the settings & content if you like.