You can personalize the way your Micro-Experiences look by changing the images. Any changes you make will save automatically. 

  1. Click Customization 
  2. Select Micro-Experiences a
  3. In the Micro-Experience tab select the experience you want to edit in the drop down
  4. Hover over the image area
  5. Click the + icon
  6. Add your image in the required dimensions, size and format
  7. Click See Live. Now your new image is live for this Micro-Experience.

Change your Micro-Experience images

  • In the Micro-Experience tab pick a Micro-Experience and check the required image dimensions, file size and format
  • Upload an image that matches exactly the image dimensions and format and does not exceed the file size

Check your warnings

When you see a red warning banner after uploading your image, it means the image dimensions, size or format did not match the requirements of this Micro-Experience. Go ahead and correct the dimensions, size or format.

Not seeing a new image?

It might happen that you don't see the new image you just uploaded when clicking See Live. This is usually due to cached images of your browser. Deleting the cached images in your browser resolves this issue.