You can edit the content of your Micro-Experiences by changing the texts. Any changes you make will save automatically. 

  1. Click Customization 
  2. Select Micro-Experiences 
  3. In the Micro-Experience tab select the experience you want to edit in the drop down
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the relevant field
  5. Change the text
  6. Click the tick icon. Clicking the x icon will cancel the change
  7. Click See Live. Now your new text is live for this Micro-Experience.

Change your Micro-Experience texts

  • On each Micro-Experience you can change the text
  • Micro-Experiences have built-in character limits

Character limits

Each field in a Micro-Experience has a built-in character limit to work with the actual size available on a  Micro-Experience across mobile and desktop.