You can level up the way people learn about your offering by adding an intro video to your Welcome Micro Experience. With an introduction video, you can quickly and succinctly highlight your product or service. Short videos between 30 to 60 seconds can often say much more than text, offering a captivating first impression. 

What type of video to use?

Some companies briefly record someone from sales explaining the product in 20-30 sec - no fancy animations. The human touch can be quite effective in helping visitors to understand. A video like this can be recorded within 30 minutes.

Some companies reuse their pre-existing intro videos that is already used on their social channels or the website.

Video dimensions

Welcome medium: 390x180 px

Welcome large: 390x250 px

When you see a red warning banner after uploading your video, it means the dimensions, size or format did not match the requirements of this Micro-Experience. Go ahead and correct the dimensions, size or format.

Video example

With a video in your Pathmonk Micro-Experience you have the chance to create a moment of human-touch on your website. A simple & clear explanation of what your offering with a clear call-to-action is a great start.

Here is an example for your inspiration:

Video subtitles

The video in a Welcome Micro-Experience starts muted and audio will only start playing if a visitor unmutes the video. That is why subtitles are a valuable addition to your video - please keep the video dimensions in mind.

Change your video

In the Micro-Experience tab pick a Welcome Micro-Experience and check the required video dimensions, file size and format. Upload a video that matches exactly the video dimensions and format and does not exceed the file size

  1. Click Customization
  2. Select Micro-Experiences 
  3. In the Experience dropdown select the Welcome Micro-Experience
  4. Hover over the video area
  5. Click the + icon
  6. Add your video in the required dimensions, size and format
  7. Click See Live. Now your new video is live for this Micro-Experience

Not seeing a new video?

It might happen that you don't see the new video you just uploaded when clicking See Live. This is usually due to cached images of your browser. Deleting the cached images in your browser resolves this issue.