Learn how to integrate your HubSpot account to receive leads from Pathmonk to HubSpot.

Before you Begin

  • To set up a HubSpot integration, you need to be in the Account Admin, Content Manager or Demand Generation user group(s).
  • You will also need a HubSpot account with Integration permissions.
  • To get the most out of the integration, you should be using Pathmonk's conversion goals to generate leads to send to HubSpot. 

About the HubSpot Integration

If you use HubSpot as part of your marketing technology stack, you can integrate it with your Pathmonk account to get the most out of both platforms and your website. Within your website Pathmonk is a highly effective way to convert more visitors into leads through Buying Journeys powered with Artificial Intelligence. Once you've generated those extra leads from your website traffic, your HubSpot comes so that you can make the most of your leads and turn them into revenue.

Pathmonk is designed so that it sends the leads it captures straight into HubSpot, where you can make them part of your lead nurturing strategy. With HubSpot, you have the option of adding these leads to your main contacts list, or to a Smart List of your choice.

In this article, we'll look at how to configure your Pathmonk account to integrate with HubSpot.

Connect your Account to HubSpot (3 min.)

All you need to do to integrate your Pathmonk account with HubSpot is to connect them via the Pathmonk CRM.

  1. Log in to your Pathmonk account and select Settings.
  2. In the Settings pick the tab Integrations.
  3. You'll see a list of services that Pathmonk can integrate with. Pick HubSpot in the list, then click on its Connect button on the right to set up the integration.. 
  4. A new pop-up will appear. Click on Connect in this pop-up:
  5. Another pop-up will open, taking you to the HubSpot login page. Enter your credentials and click on Log in.
  6. You'll be prompted to grant a list of permissions to Pathmonk for the integration to work. Click on Grant access.
  7. You'll be directed back to the Integrations page, where you'll now see connected next to HubSpot in the list.
  8.  HubSpot is now connected to your account.

Choose Which Form Fields to Sync with HubSpot  (2 min.)

Now it's time to tell Pathmonk exactly which fields you want to collect & send to HubSpot.

  1. On the Pathmonk integrations page, click on HubSpot.
  2. Choose which fields to send to HubSpot: First you need to choose the fields that you want have filled in  HubSpot with every new lead that comes from Pathmonk. In this example, we'll use Location.
  3. Add form field to sync: Click on +Add next to the field description enable this field to sync with HubSpot.

Sync All Pathmonk Fields with HubSpot  (2 min.)

  1. By default the list of all the fields that can be to send from Pathmonk to HubSpot will have many fields that won't exist yet in HubSpot. For example ProductInterest or Interactions. These are unique fields that only Pathmonk collects.
  2. Create custom fields in HubSpot: To be able to record data in a given field, you must first create it in HubSpot. Once a field has been successfully created within HubSpot it can receive Pathmonk's data. See more on creating custom fields within HubSpot here.
  3. Continue clicking the +Add button for each field until you have added all the fields you want to use.
  4. You're all set: You've successfully integrated your Pathmonk account with HubSpot.  
  5. Come back to this integration at any time to change the you want to send to HubSpot.

Manage Workflows in HubSpot  (10 min.)

A common way to filter Pathmonk leads is by conversion goal to then start a workflow in HubSpotBy using Pathmonk's conversion goal as a filter you can start workflows based on the Conversion goal they completed.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Integrations and open your HubSpot integration
  3. + Add the field called Goal completed
  4. Check which type of goal you have active in the Goal section
  5. Check the table below for the field values you can expect for your workflows

Start Workflows by Conversion Goal

Conversion Goal Type
Goal Field Value
Visitors complete any from on your website
Web form
Conversion goal type: contact form
Conversion goal type: lead form
Conversion goal type: time bookingTime Book
Conversion goal type: redirect
Conversion goal type: subscription
Conversion goal type: qualification
Conversion goal type:  download
Conversion goal type:  download formDownload form

Uninstalling Pathmonk (2 min.)

  1. In your Hubspot account go to the settings section.
  2. On the left menu, under the section Account Setup select Integrations and then Connected Apps.
  3. Search the Pathmonk app and click on the Actions dropdown button and click Uninstall.
  4. Confirm the operation the next popup that will prompt to uninstall Pathmonk app from your Hubspot account.

    Important note: Uninstalling the Pathmonk integration with Hubspot will prevent to receive new leads capture from your Pathmonk account, also you will stop receiving the extra metadata like the interest of the lead in buying your products or services.