On Micro-Experiences you can enter text and use emojis from the W3 emoji library. If you want any emoji to be displayed in Micro-Experiences you can use the decimal (dec) reference found in the W3 emoji library.

How it works

Whenever you want to use an emoji in Micro-Experiences add "&#" and the Dec code for the emoji in the text field. See a list of emoji dec codes and a list of emoji smiley dec codes. Examples: 

Use &#128075 for emoji: Waving hand 


   Use &#128521 for emoji: Winking face 

Use emojis in Micro-Experiences

  1. Go to Customization 
  2. Select Micro-Experiences 
  3. Select the Micro-Experience you want to edit in the drop down
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the relevant field
  5. Visit the emoji library and pick your emoji
  6. Write &# and the Dec code in the field like &#128513 for Grinning face
  7. Click the tick icon to save. Clicking the x icon will cancel the change
  8. Click See Live. Now your new text with emoji is live for this Micro-E