Use the AI Extension personality to affect the number of times, frequency and timing with which visitors may see Micro-Experiences. This can be useful if you want to prevent users from seeing Micro-Experiences too many times.

Three personality types

You can change the personality of your AI Extension. Changing the personality setting will apply to all of your AI Extension's actions.

  • The Performer: Key focus is to win website conversions
  • The Consultant: Balances conversions & support
  • The Helper: Focus on support

Set the personality

You can set the personality of the AI Extension.

  1. Login to your Pathmonk Account
  2. Click Support in the top navigation
  3. Select Create a support ticket
  4. In the support ticket outline which of the 3 Assistant personalities  
  5. A Pathmonk onboarding will be confirming the setup via Email