Premium feature 

Pathmonk's location targeting allows Pathmonk to appear only for users from the geographic locations that you choose: countries or country groups.

Location targeting helps you to focus your funnel optimization on the areas where you'll find the right customers, and restrict it in areas where you won't. 

This article explains how location targeting works and how to set it up in your Pathmonk account.

Targeting the right locations for your AI Extension

Get guidance on choosing the location targets that are most appropriate for your business.

Targeting your Pathmonk AI Extension to a country or multiple countries can be a good idea if you provide products and services to those large areas and already know that you find the best customers from there. Targeting entire countries allows you to optimize the website conversion funnel for users from this specific geographic.

It's also a good idea to keep your AI Extension language and geo-location targeting settings consistent. For example, if you're targeting English-speaking users in Canada, remember to activate the AI Extension only for Canada and set your AI Extension in the English language.

Set up the Assistant for specific geo-locations

Here's how to set geo-locations set for or one country or multiple countries at the same time:

  1. Login to your Pathmonk Account
  2. Click Support in the top navigation
  3. Select Create a support ticket
  4. In the support ticket outline which geo-locations to set
  5. A Pathmonk onboarding will be confirming the activation